People, Pleasures and Pastimes

Chris has a number of interests outside his career: magic, photography, aviation [He holds a PPL for both fixed and rotary wing], scuba diving, computers and his passion, motor racing. He and son, Frazer, used to race their Mini Sevens at the various circuits around New Zealand. Daughter, Kimberley, a PADI diving instructor [now a full-time mum], has 12 year old fraternal twins, Rikki and Markus. They have spent the last few years travelling the world with husband Mark, a respected yacht builder, currently with BMW Oracle Racing. Frazer, a successful account manager with Cisco Systems, has two sons, 14 year old Jesse and 5 year old Joshua. Frazer's wife, Belinda comes from Melbourne and works at HP - only 50 metres from Cisco!
The shot on the right, at about age 5, is with his twin brothers [18 months older] - Peter on the left and Michael on the right. Mike died of cancer in 1988. He and Chris worked together at Radio Pacific from 1982. Pete also worked [part-time] at Radio Pacific, covering golf. Pete is in the travel industry.

Pete, Chris and Mike