My Mini Seven

As you can see the car is ready for the 2008-2009 season which starts October 25th at Taupo.
Some minor panel damage sustained during the Mini Seven Championship at Timaru in April has been repaired
and a new grille and flares fitted. The engine has been dyno tested during the off-season and a few extra horsepower found.
The mechanical water pump has been deactivated, the radiator fan removed and a new electric pump installed.

Update: Taupo, 25 October 2008. Bugger! The Taupo jinx strikes again. On the slow-down lap of qualifying [after qualifying 2nd fastest]
on turn 6 without warning, #2 big-end let go, punching a hole on each side of the block wrecking the engine and putting an end [again] to competing in round one. There was no indication of low oil-pressure and the Motec download reported 78psi right up to engine shutdown. So we're assuming there was a blockage in the oil feed to the big-end journal which caused the whole big-end assembly to overheat and break - the end-cap was nowhere to be found. The windage tray protected the gearbox internals, so all that's needed is another A+ case.