Radio Hauraki 40th Anniversary Reunion

It's been 40 years since the Tiri put to sea and gave birth to Radio Hauraki. As good a reason as any to bring together all the original Good Guys from the 'pirate' days. Three, sadly, are no longer with us: Chris's brother Mike, Barry Simeon [Knight] and Rick Grant - the saddest loss of all.
On Friday November 10, Radio Hauraki Station Manager, Mike Regal [Reg or Reggie] invited the Good Guys to be special guests on-air with the Morning Pirates - Mark Perry, Willy de Witt and Deano.
First on air at 0800 hrs was Bob Leahy, first voice heard on Hauraki with that historic test transmission. Strictly speaking Bob was never a Good Guy, but his unique role on Radio Hauraki qualified him for inclusion in the exclusive reunion line-up. Chris followed Bob at 0900 hrs, reminiscing with Mark about the role Hauraki played in making private radio, in New Zealand, a reality. Tom Bradley was next at 1000 hrs, then Ian Magan, Fred Botica, Ross Goodwin, Peter Telling, Ian Johnson. More to come...........